All programs will be technology based using TIC's as its central body.

Aldea Digital is aimed to organize some of the forces and wills which have sensibility to the syndrome of Digital Divide due to an ample scope of reasons, realities and dynamics ranging from industrial interests to pure philanthropy. 

Sponsors may find themselves more identified or aligned with a certain type of initiative that fit either the nature of their core activity or the magnitude of the desired level of commitment. In attention to that, Aldea Digital begins its endeavor proposing 4 different programs aimed to address a specific edge of the Digital Divide syndrome, also considering a progressive level of involvement on behalf of sponsors. 

Adopt a Hotspot.​

A program consisting in providing hardware necessary to establish communitarian connection through WiFi. A sponsor can fund all the basic hardware needed to set up a free of charge WiFi connection in one or many of a list of predetermined spots likely to take advantage of this facility; whether it is a campus, a public square, a community center or a bus stop. The sponsor will also take responsibility for the recurring charges of the internet supply.

Beneficiaries will have to enroll to get access to the service so a direct relationship can be built betiween them and the sponsor is that is its will.

Second Smart Life

A program aimed to donate used terminals to individuals meeting certain criteria. A portal for exchange of used terminals for commitment to certain social service will be the center of this campaign. People willing to let someone which otherwise could not afford it receive a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop that still have some life on it can go to the portal and establish direct or anonymous contact with the recipient who in exchange will commit to a certain social service as a symbolic payment.

Knowledge Empowerment

A program aimed to spread knowledge in the fields of ICT focused at the implementation level, such as setting up networks, communications programing and hardware management. This program will initially be implemented in the form of online resources in specific topics, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will be developed under a Learning User Interface.


Two type of sponsors can be involved. Those willing to get involved in quality of vendors such as the hardware and applications companies and those willing to support the development of the Learning Portal.

Close Call

A program consisting in the promotion of the development of infrastructure by means of public incentives such as tax relief to those operators achieving network penetrations above certain levels. This is a lobby program that needs the concourse of public entities either local or federal in order to promote both, the adoption of the incentives and the set of parameter for qualification.

The sponsors for this program will be the governmental entities themselves but also a stakeholder that will be willing to fund the lobby platform conformed by regulatory specialists, PR personnel, promotion agents, resources such as documentation and longistics.

Maybe your Idea

Aldea Digital is willing and excited to hear about the ideas, projects and suggestions you may have to help people gain access to knowledge, information and reach out to other and their self potential to become wholesome human beings.

Maybe your idea

Develop a plan, have a brainstorm, propose something crazy, run down the street and reach out with us for the construction of a new world of fulfilled people.