Marshall McLuhan once envisioned a global village as the way the world would look a century from when he lived. He also in a way predicted that such integration would take place by means of the inventions that progress and thus, technology, would provide. 






A program consisting in providing hardware necessary to establish communitarian connection through WiFi.

A program aimed to donate used terminals to individuals meeting certain criteria.

A program aimed to spread knowledge in the fields of ICT focused at the implementation level, such as setting up networks, communications programing and hardware management.

1. Grow Internet Penetration

2. Better access to content

3. Tech Empowerment


As it is well known that access to technologies and services is directly proportional to wealth, it make sense that those countries and organizations more advanced in this aspect have more opportunities to participate as levers for the goals to be achieved.

Concomitantly, and as the virtuous effect of access and availability of content deeply affects the shape of economies, virtually every stake holder who would get involved or sponsor programs will gain paybacks that range from an improvement of market opportunities, to quality of public services, to even political stability. 

Adopt a Hotspot

Second Smart Life

Knowledge Empowerment


Aldea Digital is aimed to organize some of the forces and wills which have sensibility to the syndrome of Digital Divide due to an ample scope of reasons, realities and dynamics ranging from industrial interests to pure philanthropy. 

Sponsors may find themselves more identified or aligned with a certain type of initiative that fit either the nature of their core activity or the magnitude of the desired level of commitment. In attention to that, Aldea Digital begins its endeavor proposing 4 different programs aimed to address a specific edge of the Digital Divide syndrome, also considering a progressive level of involvement on behalf of sponsors.